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Root Chakra Meditation Music
Royalty free ambient soundscapes with binaural beats and isochronic tones for root chakra balance and meditation.

Enjoy the Root Chakra Meditation from Free Meditation Music

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More Information

This Binaural Beat Session is for Root Chakra Activation

More info about the audio: Root Chakra Activation Meditation Ambient Soundscape

The Binaural Beat

Left Ear: 194.18Hz

Frequency of Synodic “Earth” Day {the “day tone”} (Note=G) (Color=Orange Red) (Tempo=91.0 BPM) (Chakra=Muladhar/Base chakra) (Effects = dynamic, vitalizing)(Medicinal=”tonifies”) (Other=”weather determining” spheric frequency, influences proteins, brings one into harmony with nature”)

Right Ear: 186.18Hz

Binaural Beat 8.0Hz —

Past life regression; More Lymphocytes, DNA repair (RAD-6); Associated with Base/Muladhara chakra (Color=Red) (Body Parts=Adrenals, Spinal Column, Kidneys) (Effects=Physical energy, will to live)

The Isochronic Tone

Carrier Frequency — 456.0 — Associated with root chakra activation

Isochronic pulse 8.0 Hz

(For Best Results Please Wear Headphones)