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Relaxing Meditation

The Relaxation Meditation royalty free audio plays 4 hours of binaural beats tuned to a carrier frequency of 528 Hz layered with relaxing ambient music.

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More Information

The binaural beats play each of the 4 major brainwave patterns for one hour each. Every hour is broken up into 6 ten minute blocks that each feature a different dominant frequency respective to that brainwave pattern.

The frequency pattern is as follows –

Beta Frequencies:

1st tone: 20.0 hz
2nd tone: 18.0 hz
3rd tone: 16.4 hz
4th tone: 15.0 hz
5th tone: 14.0 hz
6th tone: 12.0 hz


Alpha Frequencies:

7th tone: 11.0 hz
8th tone: 10.5 hz
9th tone: 10.0 hz
10th tone: 9.41 hz
11th tone: 9.0 hz
12th tone: 8.0 hz


Theta Frequencies:

13th tone: 7.83 hz
14th tone: 7.5 hz
15th tone: 5.5 hz
16th tone: 4.9 hz
17th tone: 4.5 hz
18th tone: 4.0 hz

Delta Frequencies:

19th tone: 3.9 hz
20th tone: 3.5 hz
21st tone: 2.5 hz
22nd tone: 1.5 hz
23rd tone: 1.0 hz
24th tone: 0.5 hz

(For Best Results Please Wear Headphones)