Meditation Music Artist

Meet the composer

Eric Bartel is a musician and web designer as well as the creator of the website. After discovering the powerful benefits of Meditation Eric set out to create this website and the audios within to share with others for FREE so they could also experience the many benefits of Meditation enhanced with specialized meditation music.

Eric has been producing Binaural Beat audios and Meditation Music for over 6 years and has helped millions of listeners with his audios.

Eric has gained a world-wide following for his work on his personal YouTube Channel Eric Bartel. This platform has allowed the audios to be shared with a large audience and has provided invaluable feedback on the effectiveness of different audio products.

Enjoying the great outdoors, Eric likes to spend his free time hiking around the Black Hills with his dog, Baby Girl. His passion for hiking has recently revealed a new passion – Rockhounding. His home in the Black hills is the perfect place to explore nature and sometimes offers the reward of a prize rock from the hills.

If you have any questions or feedback for Eric, Please feel free to get in touch using the Contact Page. All messages are sent directly to Eric.