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Chakra Healing Meditation Music

Binaural beats with ambient background music to help to induce brain wave entrainment for chakra balancing & healing.

Enjoy the Chakra Healing Meditation from Free Meditation Music

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More Information

Standard concert A tuning = 440Hz

Chakra Healing A tuning = 432Hz

This audio uses the following frequencies:

Left Ear | Right Ear | Chakra

1st tone is 228Hz 236Hz Root

2nd tone is 303Hz 311Hz Sacral

3rd tone is 182Hz 190Hz Solar Plexus

4th tone is 256Hz 264Hz Heart

5th tone is 192Hz 200Hz Throat

6th tone is 144Hz 152Hz Third Eye

7th tone is 432Hz 440Hz Crown

For best results:

Sit in a comfortable position and play the video from start to finish. You may use this video to enchance meditation.

(For Best Results Please Wear Headphones)