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Experience The Benefits of Meditation…

We Believe everyone should experience the amazing benefits of meditation enhanced with audio!

To enjoy this experience

1. Browse from our great selection of meditation audios and select the audio that best fits your needs.

2. Get in a comfortable position. Some audios may require headphones for full benefit while others can be enjoyed with or without.

3. Enjoy – It’s safe, natural and WORKS!


Free Meditation Music offers a great and growing selection meditation audios. We have several high quality 320kbps Meditation Audios available for FREE DOWNLOAD!  We will be adding a new audio every week so check back often!

Browse Our Meditation Audio Collection

Chakra Meditation

chakra-activation-meditation     crown-chakra-meditation     3rd-eye-meditation     throat-chakra-meditation     heart-chakra-meditation

solar-chakra-meditation     sacral-chakra-meditation     root-chakra-meditation     chakra-balance     432hz-pure-tone

Solfeggio Frequencies

9-tone-solfeggio     solfeggio174     solfeggio285     solfeggio396     solfeggio417

solfeggio528     solfeggio639     solfeggio741     solfeggio852     solfeggio963

delta-solfeggio     theta-solfeggio     alpha-solfeggio     beta-solfeggio     9-hour-solfeggio

Ambient Sessions

ultra-deep-meditation-tet   4 hour relaxation music     world-peace-meditation     astral-projection-meditaiton     deep-meditation